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Put your money where your ❤️ is!

An investment fund proudly founded by LBAN alumni

Our commitment to excellence, guided by the LBAN principle of 'Doing business with each other and getting business for each other' and our diverse entrepreneurial background, ensures a robust, risk-mitigated strategy aimed at achieving high growth and sustainable returns for our investors.

About Us

Primary Markets

Strategic Capital investments in selected sectors

Real Estate

Real estate is a key component of our diverse investment portfolio, offering unique opportunities for growth by leveraging urbanization and changing commercial trends. Our strategy blends stability with dynamic potential, positioning investors for exceptional returns and long-term financial prosperity.

Finance Investments

Our investment strategy in the finance sector emphasizes areas like alternative lending and fintech, targeting underserved regions and demographics, with a keen focus on risk management to maximize investor returns. We aim to transform the financial landscape by investing in high-potential, secure, and inclusive ventures, inviting partners to contribute to the industry's evolution and sustainable growth.


In the fast-paced technology sector, our investments offer a gateway to digital innovation that shapes global economies and societal norms, promising both substantial financial returns and a stake in the future digital age. We provide a blend of strategic investment opportunities that are pivotal to both immediate gains and long-term growth in the infrastructure of tomorrow.

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